August 31, 2001  Exclusive Mountain Weekend Publication    Vol. 1, No. 5

Mountain Weekend is being held Aug. 31- Sept. 2 this year. Bob Hodge and Gary will join up with Brad at some time on Friday.
Coach Brad takes one of his "Animal Athletes" for a ride...

   Coach Brad  has been unable to train to his usual level of high fitness this year.  As a result he has been experimenting with alternative means for off road navigation.  To the left, Brad (also the Animal Coach), takes one of his 4 legged athletes for a ride to test for its off road capabilities.
   Upon discovering its inability to make it up Hodge Hill Road, Brad finally scrapped this brainstorm.
   He was later seen riding a moose, which had the advantage of possessing "handlebars" to grip onto.
   We're sure Brad will solve this problem before Mountain Weekend.

Coach Brad arrives for Mt. Weekend 2000...

Hodgie, worried about frigid Alpine conditions, dressed warmly in 2000...

After being sternly warned in 1999 that "it can snow in October", Gary is prepared...

Lisbon, N.H. (AP)   To offset expenditures such as taxes, well drilling, sewer construction, etc., Brad has been subletting his cabin during the off season to tenants such as the one pictured at the left. Hopefully, they respect Brad's property as much as his Mt. Weekend visitors. 


For the 2nd year in a row, Mt. Weekenders were treated to these animals which were outside Brad's cabin Sunday morning!

A quick recap of Mountain Weekend '00:
The weekend started on Friday the 11th of August. Brad made a big mess in whomever's car we drove up. Upon arrival at Loon Mt. Condos, the Mountain crew did a 1 hr. trail run with Hodgie talking about his training strategy vs. Malmo's. Later, the crew took the usual splash in Echo Lake.  

On Saturday, Brad, Gary & Bob  proceeded to the Kancamagus Highway - to a Mt. which someone will look up on a map and tell me so I can put it here.  The hike lasted 4hrs and 40 minutes and had some extremely steep places. I believe that at one point Hodgie slipped and was only stopped from plummeting by his nose. Stopped at Echo Lake as usual afterwards. The water was too cold for Gary ("Hypothermia Man"). I think we cooked hamburgers and hotdogs at the cabin in the evening in the rain.

On Sunday morning, the 9.5 mile loop was run from Brad's cabin - Hodge set the pace on the uphill section with Brad right behind and Gary trailing badly...  Bob and Gary hammered on Brad from the downhills in. Hodge pulled away from Gary by a few seconds (overall time 64:44 for GW) on the final uphill on Hodge Hill.

The location of this year's hike is still a well kept secret, not yet revealed by Brad before press time.

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 Special Supplement: A History of  Mountain Weekend ('91-'96).

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