August 13, 1999   Exclusive Mountain Weekend Publication    Vol. 1, No. 3

 Special Supplement: A HISTORY OF MOUNTAIN WEEKEND '91 - '92

MOUNTAIN WEEKEND 1991: August 23-25

(This is the first documented Mountain Weekend.)

FRIDAY: Sometime around 7pm or later, Brad, Hodge and Gary left for the mountains. This was the year that it was decided that we should stay at a $20 per night cabin because it was probably the last room available in New Hampshire. There was 1 bed. Hot showers were available for 1 or 2 hrs. per day. The Scottish Mountain Weekenders didn't mind. Hodgie did.

Ran 3 miles to 7 Dwarfs Motel & back.

SATURDAY: Hiked for 6 1/2 hours up and around Mt. Mooselauke (elev. 4810). Gary noted that his back was very sore. Hodgie prevailed and spearheaded a move to a yuppie motel in Twin Mountains.

SUNDAY: Drove north to Jefferson, came back via Rt. 2 to Rt. 16 South. Perfect day, great views of Presidential Range. Hit traffic in North Conway; Brad & Hodge ran 10 miles on Kancamagus.



MOUNTAIN WEEKEND 1992: August 7-9

FRIDAY: Arrived in Twin Mountains late; ran 5 miles from Yuppie Cabin at 10 PM.

SATURDAY: 4 mile run in AM. Probably only involved Gary & Brad. This was the all time long hike - Hiked for approx. 7 hours 50 minutes, 16+ miles. Up and around Mt. Cabat. Everyone was feeling good for the first 6 hours. Hodgie took off shortly thereafter on a long uphill. Gary and Brad were sapped of precious energy by laughing hysterically at Hodgie's pace as he disappeared into the woods. Even Hodgie paid the price - getting a bad blister or something from poorly fitting boots. The swimming pool was a focus shortly after finishing. Hodgie nearly punched out the Motel owner after being scolded - " ...just who does he think he's dealing with?..."

SUNDAY: Drove home early. Gary was punished extremely (in the quads) for trying to do a 10 mile run with Brad & Hodge at 2:30 PM from Brad's house.

History of Mountain Weekend '93 - '94

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