August 13, 1999   Exclusive Mountain Weekend Publication    Vol. 1, No. 3

 Special Supplement: A HISTORY OF MOUNTAIN WEEKEND '93 - '94

MOUNTAIN WEEKEND 1993: August 28-29

FRIDAY: There was no Friday. Hodge was in a coma somewhere and Brad and Gary were preparing for Mountain Weekend without Hodge! Hodgie spoke to Brad telepathically from his near death state and said "Go to to the mountains without me...";

For those of you who don't know, Hodgie was in a bad accident (for a top runner) because a b**** dropped a cigarette. 'nuff said..

SATURDAY: Without Hodgie's stabalizing influence Brad tricked Gary into a totally stupid hike... the lost town of "Peeling"??? Yeah, it sure was lost.  Gary "enjoyed" all the bug bites. later, in twin Mountains, Brad saw his first Moose. Stayed at motel (You're speeding.... you animal!) no more comments. 6 miles on trails and up road to 7 Dwarfs Motel.

SUNDAY: Hiked Twin Mountains. 1:48:00 approx. To first vista. Met cigarette smoking veteran hikers. Another mile to South Twin (4900 ft.) Hip & back problems all weekend - iced etc.(GW)

Approx. 11 mile hike.



MOUNTAIN WEEKEND 1994: July 22-24

FRIDAY: Left Nashua around 3 PM. HODGIE is back! Upon arrival in Jackson. N.H. at the motel to be stayed at Hodgie went sprinting out the door with Gary & Brad in immediate oxygen debt pursuit. Hodgie's famous nose immediately honed in on the biggest, most ridiculous hill in the area. Gary and Brad could only breathlessly watch as Hodgie sprinted up the Mountain Road like a mountain goat. When the dust cleared, Gary and Brad were less than aerobic. Hodgie's back! (4 miles )

SATURDAY: 6+ mile run on race course from Jackson by Brad & Gary - Hodgie laid in bed.

Hiked approx. 6 hours (12+ miles) to Carter Dome (4800+ elev.) Gary tried to run in PM - couldn't - managed 1 minute 49 second attempt at running.

SUNDAY: 6+ mile run in AM. Same loop as Friday - saw Mt. Washington from top of hill. Hodgie thought our Friday time was extremely slow - he was trying to prove something until a "pit" stop at a big resort place he stayed at once for a race. Gary saw some interesting scenery shortly thereafter which Brad tried to pretend was no big deal. Did one more short hike to a "cave" and lookout - arrived back around 5 PM.


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